Carpet, Cork, and Vinyl Floor Removal Gold Coast

Stripped Eze are your vinyl floor removal Gold Coast specialists. We will lift any type of carpet, cork floors, or vinyl flooring using special equipment that helps us do the job quickly and efficiently.

We are committed to working on your floors fast and efficiently while meeting your budget.

Professional Vinyl Floor Removal Services

Vinyl floors are a popular choice in homes and businesses due to their water resistance and the wide variety of patterns available. At Stripped Eze, we offer a comprehensive vinyl floor removal service that ensures the safe and efficient handling of your flooring needs.

Our team thoroughly assesses the vinyl flooring to determine the most effective and safe vinyl floor stripping method. Equipped with specialised blades and jackhammers, we expertly lift the vinyl from the underlying surface.

Glued-down vinyl often leaves adhesive residue on your concrete, which can hinder the installation of new flooring. Our technicians use diamond concrete grinders to remove all traces of adhesive. During the removal process, dust is inevitable. However, we minimise the impact using dust extractors and vacuum cleaners attached to our concrete grinders.

Once the removal is complete, we gather all remnants of your old vinyl flooring and transport them for proper disposal. This saves you time and eliminates the need to hire additional cleaning services.

Expert Cork Flooring Removal

Cork flooring is known for its soft and comfortable texture, making it a desirable choice for many homes and businesses. While cork tiles can be relatively easy to lift, the adhesives used to bond them to the underlying surface can pose challenges during removal. Cork flooring is typically glued to concrete or fastened to masonite underlay or timber with nails.

Stripped Eze uses specialised machines designed to lift the flooring efficiently. If your cork floor is glued down, our skilled technicians use diamond grinders to remove all adhesives, preparing your concrete floors for new installation. We meticulously remove all nails for cork floors fastened with nails to masonite underlay or timber to ensure a smooth surface.

Our primary goal is to return your space to its original state or even better. As part of our comprehensive cork flooring removal service, we extract all dust and debris, leaving your area clean and ready for your next project. Additionally, we take care of cork plank disposal, saving you time and effort.

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Carpet Removal Services

When it’s time to replace your carpets, trust Stripped Eze as your dependable carpet removal company on the Gold Coast. Our team is experienced in handling both underlay and direct stick carpet installations, ensuring a smooth and efficient removal process.

Carpets installed on underlays are relatively straightforward to remove. Our technicians lift the carpets, followed by the removal of edge grippers and nails. In contrast, glued-down carpets require more effort, as we must remove the underlay and grind the adhesives after lifting the carpet.

To further simplify the process for you, we take care of carpet disposal. Our team loads your old carpets onto our truck and disposes of them safely and responsibly.

No matter the installation method used for your carpets, you can rely on our professional carpet removers. Our friendly team is dedicated to completing the job on the same day, minimising disruption to your daily routine.

Professional Cork, Carpet and Vinyl Floor Stripping

At Stripped Eze, no job is too small or too big – we work with domestic and commercial space owners helping them remove old flooring safely. We have modern equipment and well-trained floor technicians with experience handling cork, carpet, and vinyl floor removal and sealing at affordable rates.

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Why Choose Stripped Eze?

Efficient Workmanship

We work with all flooring types ensuring efficiency for all flooring removals, concrete grinding, and floor levelling. We will leave your residential or commercial space once you’re happy with the results.

A Thorough Post-Job Clean-Up

Floor strip-outs are messy and will often leave a lot of dust and waste. We have special dust extractors and vacuum cleaners to eliminate all the dust and debris.

A Fully Insured Company

Working with us guarantees you safety and peace of mind. Our company is fully insured against public liability, and all our floor technicians are certified for worker compensation.

20 Years of Experience

We bring you 20 years of experience removing all types of flooring. Whether you have glued-down tiles, vinyl floor coverings, rolls of carpet, cork, or hardwood flooring, we are your go-to specialists.

Minimal Noise & Dust

If done incorrectly, floor removal can be noisy and dusty. We use specialised tools and modern equipment that help remove floors faster, with minimal noise and dust.

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