Floor Grinding & Glue Removal

Floor Grinding & Glue Removal

If you are looking to install new flooring in your home or commercial premises, you will need to make sure that the existing concrete slab is properly prepared, including being clean and level.

Tiles, vinyl, cork and timber all require a smooth base before they can be installed, as any residue between concrete and their adhesive will impact on both the floor’s quality and lifespan.

For tiles in particular, it is extremely important to make sure that glues, adhesives and other bonding agents under the tiles are removed using diamond grinding machines. Tiles that can be removed by Stripped Eze include terracotta, porcelain, terrazzo, marble, ceramic, mosaic, granite, sandstone and slate.

When grinding concrete after a timber floor removal, it can be very labour intensive to separate the timber from the concrete itself. This is because hard wood used for direct stick timber floors use advanced rubber glues. To effectively remove this, extra care needs to be taken to make sure the concrete sub-floor is not damaged.

Stripped Eze can remove a range of different timber floors including direct stick, plank on ply, parquetry, cork and floating.

Similarly, there are a range of different types of carpets that Stripped Eze are able to remove, including direct stick, carpet with underlay and carpet tiles. The process for removing each of these is very similar, and involves first removing the carpet itself, and then grinding the concrete floor underneath to remove existing adhesives. The process can become more complex if there are additional layers underneath the carpet, but above the subfloor.


With years of experience behind them, Stripped Eze applies their industry knowledge to deliver clients with the best results for their project. Our qualified tradesmen utilise the latest in grinding equipment and other machinery, while making sure safety on the project is always upheld.

From big to small, all jobs undertaken by the Stripped Eze team are given extra care and consideration to make sure you are happy with the final result.

Using high quality machinery that is made especially for the job, Stripped Eze is able to remove any type of adhesive, as well as sealers, paints and waterproofing that exist on your concrete slab. By doing this, you will have a clean, smooth surface that is ready for its next floor covering install, no matter the type.

Need grinding and glue removal for your floors? Do it with Stripped Eze.





  • Bathroom fittings, walls and floors.
  • Living area tiles or vinyl.
  • Shops or offices.
  • Levelling of floors prior to laying new tiles or other flooring.
  • Concrete grinding.


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