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Stripped Eze is a team of experienced concrete-grinding Gold Coast professionals. We use modern equipment to ensure that the surfaces we work on are free of imperfections. Attached to our grinders are dust extractors that help us ensure that we leave your space dust-free as we found it.

Our concrete grinding flooring solutions are safer than performing the concrete demolition yourself. We offer exemplary services to all our commercial and residential clients on the Gold Coast, which has seen us become industry leaders over time.

What is the Concrete Grinding Process?

We offer affordable and effective concrete grinding solutions for all our Gold Coast or Brisbane customers. The first step involves one of our technicians inspecting your space to determine how much work will go into grinding the concrete. Some coatings are more stubborn to remove than others.

Our experts use special concrete grinders to grind down the concrete and the adhesives used to bond the flooring to the slab. In the process, a lot of dust and debris gets emitted, which we extract using vacuums, leaving your premises clean. Finally, we clean the floors using high-pressure water so that we can remove any debris hidden in the cracks and crevices.

Our Concrete Grinding Services

Stripped Eze offers a comprehensive concrete grinding solution to improve the appearance and functionality of your concrete floors.

We start by using special equipment to strip out the top layer of your flooring, thus exposing a smoother layer beneath it. Our concrete grinding services include floor preparation, removing existing coatings, paintings, or adhesives, and levelling your floors in readiness for new flooring.

You can also trust us for concrete grinding and polishing services. We use special equipment with diamond polishing pads to create a glossy smooth finish on your floors. In addition, we also offer crack and joint repairs, concrete staining, colouring, and sealing to improve the life span of your concrete floors.

Why Choose Stripped Eze As Your Concrete Grinding Contractors

Choose Stripped Eze, the Gold Coast’s leading concrete floor grinding specialists, renowned for our extensive industry experience and commitment to excellence. Our dedication has earned us the trust of countless residential and commercial clients, delivering unparalleled quality workmanship swiftly and efficiently.

Concrete floor grinding can be daunting, yet our advanced equipment and skilled technicians simplify the process. Utilising diamond grinders and innovative suction technology, we efficiently remove dust and debris, preparing your space flawlessly for the next phase.

Our team, known for its precision and expertise, manages every project in-house to ensure consistent quality. We pride ourselves on offering competitively priced, top-tier concrete grinding services facilitated by our cutting-edge technology for swift, exemplary results within your budget.

Years Of Experience

We have years of experience with concrete grinding and levelling.

We Don't Outsource

We donโ€™t outsource to concrete floor grinding contractors

A Fully Insured Company

We are insured against public liability and worker compensation.

Competitive Pricing

Our services are competitively priced without compromising on quality.

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